VIGOREPT vitamin-mineral preparation for reptiles, with beta-glucan. It’s extremely difficult to provide reptiles kept in terraria with all the minerals and vitamins they get in the wild. The owners do not have access to plants and animals typical of their reptiles' region of origin. Therefore they are forced to use substitutes, which hardly every satisfy reptiles' demand for nutrients, vitamins, macro nutrients and trace elements. Reptiles' access to UV radiation is equally important. Not only does it provide life-giving warmth but also allows vitamin D3 production, responsible for calcium-phosphorus metabolism. In terraria conditions the length and the quality of radiation is not always enough to ensure the sufficient production of vitamin D3.

Another interesting product is a modern vitamin-mineral preparation with the addition of beta-glucan – VIGOREPT. The powder easily sticks to the food, which makes application very easy. If used regularly, it ensures proper growth and development of the reptiles and prevents rickets, shell deformations and other dangerous effects of calcium and phosphorus deficiency. Vitamin D3 regulates calcium-phosphate metabolism. Other vitamins enhance reptiles' general condition, ensure proper functioning of the skin and its beautiful looks, especially during moulting period. The immune system is enhanced by the natural immune stimulator – beta-glucan, which increases animals' resistance to diseases and their ability to fight infections.

Dosage: once a week a half of the teaspoon per 100 g of food. When the demand is higher (growth, reproduction) and during convalescence period apply twice a week.

Supplementary feedingstuff for reptiles. Ingredients: minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin, yeasts (including Beta-1.3/1.6-Glucan 1 000 mg/kg), algae (Ascophyllum nodosum min. 1.9%)

Analytical constituents:
Calcium 17%
Phosphorus 5%
Sodium 0.5%
Additives (per kg):
Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect:
Vitamin A 157 500 IU
Vitamin D3 9 450 IU
Vitamin E 607 mg
Vitamin B1 135 mg
Vitamin B2 279 mg
Vitamin B6 135 mg
Vitamin B12 270 µg
Vitamin C 2 295 mg
Biotin 3 960 µg
Vitamin K3 67,5 mg
Inositol 3 375 mg
D-calcium pantothenate 900 mg
Nicotinic acid 450 mg
Folic acid 39 mg
Choline 9 000 mg

Compounds of trace elements:
E1 (Fe) 162 mg
E6 (Zn) 45 mg
E5 (Mn) 33,8 mg
E4 (Cu) 8,1 mg
E2 (I) 1 mg
E8 (Se) 1 mg
E7 (Mo) 0,23 mg
E3 (Co) 0,05 mg

Amino acids:
L-lysine 3 000 mg
DL-methionine 1 000 mg
Article nr
Number in a tray / carton
150 ml
85 g
1 / –