KETAPANG sea almond leaves – a natural conditioner for freshwater tanks. KETAPANG is dried and crumbled sea almond leaves (Terminalia catappa), which improves the quality of aquarium water. KETAPANG adds natural tannins and humic acids and slightly lower pH level to make water biotope-correct for fish from softwater, acidic habitats. Asian ornamental fish breeders use sea almond leaves to protect the eggs, applying KETAPANG directly to the breeding tank or the filter. Such a procedure significantly improves the reproduction and survival rates. In tanks with sea almond leaves fish less often suffer from abrasions and other skin problems. Their resistance to diseases is also improved.

improved. Substances released from sea almond leaves accelerate the regeneration of epidermis, mucus coating and fins, and lower the risk of Saprolegnia infections, therefore KETAPANG is recommended after water changes, transportation and during acclimatization of fish to new conditions.

In breeding tanks sea almond leaves protect the eggs against moulding and improve the hatch and survival rates. Sea almond leaves are particularly recommended during water changes and introducing new homes to create proper environmental conditions and biological balance.

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