TROPICAL Soft Line for reptiles
TROPICAL has introduced new and unique formula of products for reptiles. The concept of soft extruded foods proves perfect for feeding pets thanks to exceptional assimilability of the foods and preservation of all essential nutrients in the food.
Soft Line includes two products for reptiles: REPTILES CARNIVORE and REPTILES HERBIVORE. They are multi-ingredient, perfectly balanced foods, whose main ingredients are extruded sticks. Soft texture makes them more readily accepted by the animals. Properly balanced vitamins and trace elements prevent shortages of these substances and keep reptiles in excellent shape.

REPTILES CARNIVORE intended for everyday feeding of central bearded dragons, Chinese water dragons, leopard geckos, aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles, monitors and other lizards feeding on insects. Excellent palatability is ensured by a perfectly selected composition of ingredients – the addition of dried mealworms and dried crickets. Extruded sticks contain fish, shrimps, krill, gammarus and other ingredients

REPTILES HERBIVORE contain natural components of plant origin: parsley leaves, marigold flowers, leaves of blackberries and leaves of dandelion. The food is based on extruded sticks which contain cereals, fruit, alfalfa and other ingredients. Food is intended for everyday feeding of central bearded dragons, spiny-tailed lizards, iguanas and tortoises (Hermann’s, Greek, marginated, Russian tortoise, African spurred and leopard tortoises).

Both foods are available in 250 ml (2.29 oz/65g) and 1000 ml (9.17 oz/260g) tins.