• innovative and exceptional, multi-ingredient food in the form of slowly sinking granules with the addition of algae and fruit; intended for everyday feeding of wild discus and other demanding species of wild-caught fish
  • thanks to their delicate texture, the granules soften quickly in water and hence are eagerly accepted by wild-caught fish
  • they contain algae: spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris)
  • they also contains unsaturated fatty acids, protein (rich in essential amino acids) and vitamins from spirulina and chlorella, together with macronutrients and trace elements from algae (including iodine, chromium, selenium and iron)
  • great share of ingredients of vegetable origin, including algae and fruit, resembles the diet of wild discus
  • by regular feeding with Tropical Discus Gran Wild you provide your fish with high-dose chlorophyll - green pigment coming from chlorella and spirulina, which are a concentrated source of chlorophyll
  • carotenoids from red pepper among other sources, and the addition of astaxanthin, maintain natural coloration of fish and prevent fading
  • this food is recommended in feeding fish undergoing quarantine or convalescence and new fish which are getting used to new living conditions
Available as: granules